Top 5 Pinatas To Wreck for This Summer

How can we miss out the Pinata fun for this summer? Come and join us to make one of these =)
1. Watermelon Pinata
diy watermelon pinata
Project from Oh Happy Day. Here’s the tutorial.

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DIY Edible Place Card

I’m so thrilled to find out this project by Brittni from Paper & Stitch. It takes minutes to make, but your guest won’t forget for sure.

Just adorable. Here’s all you need: [Read more...]


We all love potato stamps… it’s homemade, it’s cheap, it’s edible! (well, if you really decide to eat it make sure cut the inked part off )
Today’s project is by mormorsglamour from SkonaHem. She made this gorgeous beauty.
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5 Cute Hand Picked Skirt Tutorials

Ladies!! It’s time for some skirt tutorials again! I love this part.
Which one is your style?

1. DIY TUTU From By Hand
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Child Safe DIY Stick Horse

I’ve seen some cute stick horse projects but none of them is like this one. There’s no actual ” stick ” involved. No pointy wood is super safe for a small toddler. Only a really mindful and creative mom can make this. (Thanks to Shawna from Stlyeberry)

Making a “stick” horse from a pool noodle… brilliant idea.
I really love the decor and color combination!  [Read more...]

Painting Pasta with Kids

Kids love colors, and they love pasta too!! So why not combine together and have a fun crafty time with them?
I come across this brilliant project from Agus from agusyornet. She’s really good at painting the pasta…they look absolutely adorable.
fun craft with kid paint pasta
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DIY Paper Bird Nest Decoration

Spring is here… yes, I know it’s here…I can’t wait to celebrate the newness and the freshness of the nature.
Today we’re featuring a easy to make paper bird nest project by Bill & Kay from whitegunpowder.

Such a beautiful project.  [Read more...]