Painting Pasta with Kids

Kids love colors, and they love pasta too!! So why not combine together and have a fun crafty time with them?
I come across this brilliant project from Agus from agusyornet. She’s really good at painting the pasta…they look absolutely adorable.
fun craft with kid paint pasta
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DIY Paper Bird Nest Decoration

Spring is here… yes, I know it’s here…I can’t wait to celebrate the newness and the freshness of the nature.
Today we’re featuring a easy to make paper bird nest project by Bill & Kay from whitegunpowder.

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7 Regrow Vegetables Save You on Grocieries

I’m always dreaming to have my own organic garden, you know, the feeling of eating fresh vegetables from your own garden must be good.
Space limitation… not possible… But this somehow can satisfy my desire… indoor scrap vege garden.
If you’re like me not a green thumb, no worries majority of the projects shown below are beginner level. Just give it a try, you’ll love it plus it saves your grocery bills on vegetable items.

1. Regrow Celery from Bottom

Cut off the bottom part and stick into a glass of water. It makes a great table plant, isn’t it?
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Top 7 Ways on How to Wooden Spoon—You’ve been using it the wrong way

These are truly creative ways to use an ordinary wooden spoon. We think you have to know.

1. They are your lamp shade
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Washi Tape Makes Typing Fun

Washi tape is a magic thing in my opinion. This Japanese masking tape can be used for anything and works great on art and crafts. Kira from Her New Leaf demonstrated to use washi tape on keyboard. Now the typing will never ever be boring again.  washi-tape-keyboard [Read more...]

DIY Cup Sleeve

Here’s a simple DIY cup sleeve project.
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Amber fossil? Yes, not the one with real insects inside. This brilliant idea is introduced by Aliki from Doodles and Jots. Now take a look at these “fossils”, don’t you just fall in love with them? Make you own version and seal whatever you want inside.
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