Fancy Finds No.1

1. Parinee Ism Tower @ Mumbai (Designer: James Law)

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Upcycled Project — Plants Marker From Spoon

You can tell I’m really into upcycled projects recently. You can do so much with the junk you plan to throw away.
Mark your plants with paper tags, wood tags, how about use your grandma’s silver spoon?

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13 Amazing DIY Fork Transformation

Creativity can be found in ordinary household objects such as FORK. So you can give them new life by simple DIY transformation.
1. Fork Photo Holder

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Little Stone Foot Steps

Cute little stony foot steps! Have a good weekend everyone!

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DIY Amazing Pink Rose From Egg Box

It’s beautiful when I first look at these pink roses, but it is made from egg box. Unbelievable creative!! Tutorial from Rosi Jo.
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Top 5 Driving Fun — Gas Saver Mini Cars

Driving small is a new lifestyle, sure it fits into nowadays economy when the gas price is climbing up day by day. But those cuties are just more than saving your gas money, it’s so stylish to drive them on road.

1. Little Green Pea (Pinterest)

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Summer is almost on the corner, and it’s time to dress up our mood as well as our rooms with little green magic. I love fresh green it means life, young, energy and strength,  but today we’re going to make a natural style vase to company with our plant. Super simple!
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