DIY Edible Place Card

I’m so thrilled to find out this project by Brittni from Paper & Stitch. It takes minutes to make, but your guest won’t forget for sure.

Just adorable. Here’s all you need: [Read more...]

Washi Tape Makes Typing Fun

Washi tape is a magic thing in my opinion. This Japanese masking tape can be used for anything and works great on art and crafts. Kira from Her New Leaf demonstrated to use washi tape on keyboard. Now the typing will never ever be boring again.  washi-tape-keyboard [Read more...]

13 Amazing DIY Fork Transformation

Creativity can be found in ordinary household objects such as FORK. So you can give them new life by simple DIY transformation.
1. Fork Photo Holder

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DIY– 8 Wood Pallet Designs In Home Decor

Wood pallet inspiration in Home Decor, they save  you tons of money.

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3.2 Million Dots to Draw Father

Can anyone imagine use just dots to create art?
Maybe you did, but how about doing it for 210 hours 3.2 million dots??
Here’s a man did it.

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Nestrest–Your Hanging Bedroom

If you are thinking of doing something new to your bedroom, try this idea.
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Design and Craftsmanship in Window Displays

It’s always a joyful thing to see a creative window display. And you can’t help to appreciate the effort behind the each and every  “art piece”.

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