7 Crafty Ways to Preserve Your Memories

Are you looking for a unique way to put your photo? Check out these ideas.


Photo in mason jar. This gives an antique effect. (via) [Read more...]

8 Creative Sticky Note Designs

Sticky notes are one of the most useful inventions ever made. They help us to remember things that we might most probably have forgotten otherwise. They also help us to remind others too. This article covers 8 really creative sticky note designs that I’m sure you’ll enjoy…

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Creative Sparkles on Stationery — List of 8 Essentials

Creative and space saving stationery is proved to be effective in work places. Who doesn’t like a inspired item on their office desks?

12 in 1 stamp saves your stamp storage. [Read more...]

Pick Your Cupid 15 Options

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15 Astonishing DIY Light Fixtures

Speaking of light fixture it is absolutely essential for ambiance building. Here are some inspiring designs for DIYers. We also find everyday object is a good material for making home light fixture, 15 EVERYDAY OBJECT DIY LIGHT FIXTURES

A terrestrial globe light, isn’t it cool? (bowtiesandlittlelies) [Read more...]

More Than Clothing Clip — 7 Amazing Designs

Discover the other usages of the normal clothing clip =) Designed by Mehmet Ali Uysal, this giant wooden clip is currently showcased in Belgium. [Read more...]

Recycled Jewelry Magnet

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Have broken necklace, old earrings or brooches, don’t throw them Sweet Paul has a brilliant idea to give them a new life.

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