Titanic Tea Bag Holder

Inspired by Titanic tragedy Designer Gordon Adler made this Tea.tanic for the movie lovers. (Gordon Adler)

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Top 5 Driving Fun — Gas Saver Mini Cars

Driving small is a new lifestyle, sure it fits into nowadays economy when the gas price is climbing up day by day. But those cuties are just more than saving your gas money, it’s so stylish to drive them on road.

1. Little Green Pea (Pinterest)

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The Beauty of Shabby Chic–Interior Design

Artful interior design is truly a piece of tangible art. Allow yourself to immerse in this quietness.

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Top 9 Small Space Big Style—–How to Live Small

Living in a high density economic center is always a challenge, often time people can’t afford the high condo price. But if you can’t sacrifice the convenient location downtown living experience try to squeeze into a small shoe box apartment like these people do.

1. 78 Sq Ft Manhattan Apartment

Design–Space Saving Furniture

Not everyone has a very spacious home, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make your small condo in style. Good thing about living in a small space is that it force you to be creative and super organized to use every space you have. Here we have some unique space saving furniture to turn your little apartment into designer level.

Old Cable Spool to Coffee Table/bookcase (Via)
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Nature Inspired Illustraions

I really love these pieces done by papermoth. The color and texture are full of expression kinda gives illusion while you’re gazing his art.
Easily Broken
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DIY– 8 Wood Pallet Designs In Home Decor

Wood pallet inspiration in Home Decor, they save  you tons of money.

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