iCloud Lantern DIY

Try to make one of these cloud lanterns in your room, it just adds so much ambiance.

Here’s the Instruction for the project. [Read more...]

10 Cute Illustrations

A set of cute illustrations from Nacho Diaz.

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Cozy Home Ideas–DIY Photo Display

One of the best ways to decorate your own cozy home style is to take out your photos and place them wherever you want to. It’s easy and classic, but how do you do it in a unique way? You need help from some inspiring ideas.
1. Doodles

Love doodles? You can combine doodle and photo frame together and make a doodle frame tree. (via) [Read more...]

Cori Dantini and Her Illustrations

Cori Dantini a full time illustrator, a full time mom and a full wife that’s how she describe herself. I see her as a blessed person who can truly live in her dreams. I love the way she use the color and the girls she draw in her illustrations.
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3.2 Million Dots to Draw Father

Can anyone imagine use just dots to create art?
Maybe you did, but how about doing it for 210 hours 3.2 million dots??
Here’s a man did it.

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Rob Ryan’s Art World

Robert Ryan is an amazing paper cut artist, but being an artist he doesn’t stop there,  in his shop located in London you’ll find more delight handmade goods.
“Do You Remember” Paper Cut [Read more...]

Harris Tweed Decorative Design

Emma Dolan is an textile designer known by her famous “Harris Twee” teacups. And her lovely creations have won the ” Best Product Award” in Scotland Trad Fair 2011.
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