Child Safe DIY Stick Horse

I’ve seen some cute stick horse projects but none of them is like this one. There’s no actual ” stick ” involved. No pointy wood is super safe for a small toddler. Only a really mindful and creative mom can make this. (Thanks to Shawna from Stlyeberry)

Making a “stick” horse from a pool noodle… brilliant idea.
I really love the decor and color combination!  [Read more...]

Painting Pasta with Kids

Kids love colors, and they love pasta too!! So why not combine together and have a fun crafty time with them?
I come across this brilliant project from Agus from agusyornet. She’s really good at painting the pasta…they look absolutely adorable.
fun craft with kid paint pasta
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Top 7 Ways on How to Wooden Spoon—You’ve been using it the wrong way

These are truly creative ways to use an ordinary wooden spoon. We think you have to know.

1. They are your lamp shade
wooden spoon lamp shade [Read more...]

You have a Message–DIY Clothespin Craft

I know you probably receive 200+ text message, or emails everyday (that’s crazy lot!) It doesn’t hurt to have just another one right? Well, this one is more unique and interesting and you’ll remember more than that 200+ messages you’ve read… here it is:

diy clothesclip craft [Read more...]

DIY Simple Summer Bag Tutorial

Simple summer bag tutorial by Bev.
summer-bag tutorial [Read more...]

DIY Strawberry Pincushion

This is the cutest pincushion I’ve ever find. And we’re lucky to have instructions here from Jodi.

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Fairies In A Jar In 2 Minites

Fairies In a Jar (Image via arnoldandbird)
Looks amazing, isn’t it?  Here’s one glow in the darkness… [Read more...]