Painting Pasta with Kids

Kids love colors, and they love pasta too!! So why not combine together and have a fun crafty time with them?
I come across this brilliant project from Agus from agusyornet. She’s really good at painting the pasta…they look absolutely adorable.
fun craft with kid paint pasta
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Fairies In A Jar In 2 Minites

Fairies In a Jar (Image via arnoldandbird)
Looks amazing, isn’t it?  Here’s one glow in the darkness… [Read more...]

Colorful Plate Fish Crafts For Kids

The other day, I saw a cute tutorial using party plates to make fishes. What an interesting idea! Great project to do with you kids.
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Tell Stories with Paperclip Puppets

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Pop Stick Crafts

Collect your pop sticks to make a little house.

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Paddle Fans

It's summer time, also paddle fans time! I found a good tutorial to make paddle fans for less than $2. It is not only good for a hot summer day, but also a gift, a decoration whatever you can think of. You'll know what I mean look how cute it is.


Paddle Fans Project


Then final work looks like this:

Paddle Fans

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