Homemade Craft Beautiful Crepe Paper Jelly Fish

Jelly fish is so gorgeous and pretty, I could staring at them in the aquarium for a long long time. Their movement is slow and with rhythm and they help you to be calm and relaxe. Thanks to Carolyn of this tutorial, now we can do it and hang it and see it everyday from home =D

Paper Craft Jelly Fish (Image via home work)

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14 Amazing Paper Food Art Crafts

I bet you love food. I love food too. One of the great things about being a DIY artist is that you don’t need to know how to cook to create nice and enticing delicacies. All you need is a few pieces of colored paper, and some neat DIY knowledge. Here are 14 examples of some amazing paper food art. You can try to do some of them with your kids. It’s really quite fun.

1. Paper Burger

Origami Burger (Image via Marc0047)
Yum! A mouth watering burger.
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For people who likes simple wrapping paper here’s one option for you. Basically you can use this as a greeting card by putting the words on the wrap.

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DIY Amazing Pink Rose From Egg Box

It’s beautiful when I first look at these pink roses, but it is made from egg box. Unbelievable creative!! Tutorial from Rosi Jo.
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Summer is almost on the corner, and it’s time to dress up our mood as well as our rooms with little green magic. I love fresh green it means life, young, energy and strength,  but today we’re going to make a natural style vase to company with our plant. Super simple!
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iCloud Lantern DIY

Try to make one of these cloud lanterns in your room, it just adds so much ambiance.

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Top 7 DIY Christmas Card Designs

No. 1  A Christmas to Remember Card Designer Arlene Cuevas, I love how it turns out elegant and detailed. [Read more...]