DIY Cup Sleeve

Here’s a simple DIY cup sleeve project.
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Amber fossil? Yes, not the one with real insects inside. This brilliant idea is introduced by Aliki from Doodles and Jots. Now take a look at these “fossils”, don’t you just fall in love with them? Make you own version and seal whatever you want inside.
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DIY Leather Heart Coin Purse

Can you make a coin purse under 5 minutes? The answer is Yes, definitely… This project is from Mandy at Fabric Paper Glue.   diy coin purse
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For people who likes simple wrapping paper here’s one option for you. Basically you can use this as a greeting card by putting the words on the wrap.

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Cute Felt Watch

Simple and cute! Hand craft felt watch. (Via)

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Mini Version You – Customized Clay Figurine

So cute those customized clay figurines. 
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Top 8 DIY Love Projects

If you are tired of the chocolate, romance dinner, roses, there’s something new you can try for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.  Those top 8 DIY love projects will surprise your loved ones.

1. Love Light Bulb

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