Christmas, Christmas… can’t wait for Christmas to come. I just have this warm and cozy feel when I think upon this holiday. Have you got your Christmas tree yet? I mean the kind that is made from paper. If not, I’ve collected some of the best DIY paper Christmas trees projects for your review. Here we go!

1. Paper Craft Christmas Tree

Paper Christmas Tree 1 via a.muse studio
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DIY Rubber Stamp Project

This is an absolute fun project to do, and it can be used on gift wrap, T-shirt, napkins, wall art and almost everything in your home. Try this:

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Can You Make New Use On Old Things Like These?

These tricks can make your life easier and happier :D

No.1 Use Hair Dryer As Sticker Remover

hair dryer sticker remover No more struggling to peel it off with your nails.

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Some of us love big wall art but not the price, well, everything has a DIY version. I’m trying to collect some great tips to create beautiful wall art within the tight budget.

1. Dots Acrylic Wall Art

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13 Unexpected Ways to Upcycle Your Thrifty Shop Findings

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that’s so true when you look at the projects below. We’d train our eyes and mind to seek the possibilities of the “trash” in the thrift store, isn’t it? Our incredible crafters have come up 13 unique ways to upcycle your findings.

1.Button World

button world
(Image via OutoftheShadows)
Find a old world map ball? Glue them with buttons, what a great statement piece in your room.  [Read more...]

9 Round And Cute Animal Crafts That Will Make You Feel Warm Inside

I admit I love round and fluffy animals, to look at them is truly a delight thing to do. Here we found some amazing round and cute animal projects to share with you.

1. Easter Bunny Sitting On The Nest

Felted Easter Bunny (Image via FairyFolk)
She’s looking very curiously. Her big fat body is just so cute.  [Read more...]

15 DIY Shirt Transformations: Ruffle Shirt, Scarf and More

The ruffle is feminine, romantic, and it’s a style you just can’t resist. If you want to add some of the trendiest of the trendy ruffle shirts to your wardrobe with little to no cost, we’ve found something for you. The following DIY heroes will teach you how to make your very own ruffle shirt, ruffle scarf, ruffle skirt and more.

1. Ruffled Flower Top

Ruffle Flower Top (Image via gOOdLife, by Sarah)
Sarah from the gOOdLife made this ruffled flower top. She got the inspiration from a girl’s top by J.Crew. Absolutely beautiful. Please check out her tutorial.

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