Instead of tossing your old funky looking lampshade, why don’t you give them new life by simple transformation.

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DIY Clay Candle Holder

This project is doable, especially when you’re out of time to buy enough candle holders. If you can roll flour dough you can do this also.

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DIY Perfect Sakura Print

You like Sakura, but don’t know how to draw one? Check this out:

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DIY Balloon Weights–Fly Away

Brilliant idea of balloon decoration! If you ever dream of fly away with a bundle of balloons you can get the idea done now.
This is made by bklynbrideonline for wedding reception! It’s also good for birthday parts and so many more!
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Hand Crafted Twitter Bird

Ashley & Justin from Secret Holiday & Co. create lots of handmade lovelies. Here’s one of my favorites.

She’s the craft version of twitter bird, her name is Mabel. So cute & sweet!
The detail work is so amazing, look at the white feather stitches, the ironed feet & her wings.

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Fun with Foam

Extraordinary comes from ordinary things. Fast food container can use for art??
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In this White Christmas

Some of the amazing DIY Christmas Decor:

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