Handmade Spool Christmas

What you do with these granny’s spools? You wind with thread?
No!! You hand craft to decorate your Holidays!
Candy Cane Christmas Tree cattales

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7 Crafty Ways to Preserve Your Memories

Are you looking for a unique way to put your photo? Check out these ideas.


Photo in mason jar. This gives an antique effect. (via) [Read more...]

Recycled Craft—-Teapot Lamp Tutorial

Have a box of teapots and saucers to dump? You can recycle them into a nice antique lamp.

Here’s how: [Read more...]

Top 7 DIY Christmas Card Designs

No. 1  A Christmas to Remember Card Designer Arlene Cuevas, I love how it turns out elegant and detailed. [Read more...]

15 Astonishing DIY Light Fixtures

Speaking of light fixture it is absolutely essential for ambiance building. Here are some inspiring designs for DIYers. We also find everyday object is a good material for making home light fixture, 15 EVERYDAY OBJECT DIY LIGHT FIXTURES

A terrestrial globe light, isn’t it cool? (bowtiesandlittlelies) [Read more...]

10 Letter “E” Illustrations

If the letter “E” has some special meaning to you…

E  is Embracing… (Paul Thurlby) [Read more...]

More Than Clothing Clip — 7 Amazing Designs

Discover the other usages of the normal clothing clip =) Designed by Mehmet Ali Uysal, this giant wooden clip is currently showcased in Belgium. [Read more...]