We all love potato stamps… it’s homemade, it’s cheap, it’s edible! (well, if you really decide to eat it make sure cut the inked part off )
Today’s project is by mormorsglamour from SkonaHem. She made this gorgeous beauty.
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Five Creative Rope Projects For Home

Ropes are created more than 3,500 years ago… And this old creation is still playing a big role of our society…in marine, military and industries. Today’s challenge is, how to turn these boring looking ropes into amazing home decor objects. Are you ready? Let’s explore it:

1. Stylish Rope Mirror

rope mirror (Project by Jordan from the happy homebodies)
Spice up your room with rope mirror.

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Cushion Lover’s Choices

We are always looking to beautify our home with little touches here and there…Since it’s not easy just change our furnitures, and most likely the cushions are the best object to switch around for a fresh new look. The following are some of our favourite for this time of the year.

1. Biscuit Shaped Cushion BuscuitCushion Find them here.

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Can You Make New Use On Old Things Like These?

These tricks can make your life easier and happier :D

No.1 Use Hair Dryer As Sticker Remover

hair dryer sticker remover No more struggling to peel it off with your nails.

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How To A Make Green Cleaner

Studies have shown, there are at least 880 variations of chemical compounds in our daily life, that can be categorized as potential carcinogenic. From the household cleaning products, to facial products, even in some processed food. Therefore, it’s important that we must try every way to live an organic/natural oriented life style, as to reduce the harmful chemical intake.
So, today we’ll going to make a green cleaner for household use. (say good by to harsh chemical cleaners!)

diy green cleaner
(Image via The Fountain Ave Kitchen)
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13 Unexpected Ways to Upcycle Your Thrifty Shop Findings

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that’s so true when you look at the projects below. We’d train our eyes and mind to seek the possibilities of the “trash” in the thrift store, isn’t it? Our incredible crafters have come up 13 unique ways to upcycle your findings.

1.Button World

button world
(Image via OutoftheShadows)
Find a old world map ball? Glue them with buttons, what a great statement piece in your room.  [Read more...]


Instead of tossing your old funky looking lampshade, why don’t you give them new life by simple transformation.

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