Cupcake Decorating – Cute Cupcake Clothing

Here are some awesome cupcake decorating pieces. They are more than cupcakes they are arts, don’t you agree?  Let them please your eyes :D. While, I’m so greedy I want to put all of the nice ones for you. But… have some first la… Enjoy your big visual gourmet~

Origin: Sola.gurl, hello naomi, zalita, shamsD, CupCakeD’lights

Enchanted Garden Cupcakes

Caterpillar cupcakes

Vintage Tea Set Cupcake

Lonely Dinosaur

Pink N White

Hot pink N Black

Cupcake D’lights

Branded Cupcakes

Dusty Rose



The Red Cup Cake

LOVE Cupcake

Fluffy Rose Cupcake

Yellow Blossom

Vibrant Colors

Makeup Cupcake

Tea and cupcake always goes together :P


  1. Randal Eklov says:

    What a blog post!! Very informative also easy to understand. Looking for more such posts!! Do you have a twitter or a facebook?
    I recommended it on digg. The only thing that it’s missing is a bit of speed, the pictures are appearing slowly. Nevertheless thank you for this blog.

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