Top 5 Creative Bookmark

Creative Bookmark Review

Nobody loves dog-eared pages, for book lovers this is absolutely NO NO! Love your books more by using a brilliant bookmark now.

Creative Bookmarks For All Kinds of Readers

1. GreenMarker. There’s no reason you can’t see them. Somebody might think you forget them so long, they start to grow grass to catch your attention :P

creative bookmark greenmarker1

creative bookmark greenmarker2

I wish they can come out some flower versions. (GreenMarker) You can make your own creative bookmark using the same concept. It’s up to you put whatever patterns you like.

2. Liquid Bookmark. This hand-made bookmark adds your horror novels more eerie, gory and goopy.

creative bookmark Liquid-bookmark

From: Designboom

3. Crafts Lovers. This corner bookmarke is designed by the hybrid check.

creative bookmark Corner-bookmark

4. Bedtime Readers Bookmark.

This Lampmark is designed by Relogik to be a LED powered lamp for night reading. When you cover the book over the lamp it can automatically shuts off. Of course it serves as a bookmark too, multifunctional, brilliant idea.

creative bookmark lampmark

5. Finger Pointing Bookmark. This is good for the readers who forget their spot. (25togo)

Creative bookmark Finger-pointing-bookmark

Creative Bookmark DIY

Here’s a easy diy version for those can’t wait to create their own bookmarks.

Simple and elegant. Big ribbon with photos of your beloved ones by Martha Stewart.

creative bookmark

Origami heart Bookmark (thebestofdiy)

creative bookmark

Bookmark For Children

creative bookmark

From: Marc

Share your personal creative bookmark ideas in the comments :P


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