Cori Dantini and Her Illustrations

Cori Dantini a full time illustrator, a full time mom and a full wife that’s how she describe herself. I see her as a blessed person who can truly live in her dreams. I love the way she use the color and the girls she draw in her illustrations.

Cori is a professional illustrator who works for her own shop in Etsy. Her advice for anyone who is afraid of drawing is just do it, and it’s rare that someone is good at something when they first start out. How she grow till today is build up by the baby steps of past drawings, sometimes I’d like to watch the past works of the artist, you’ll find out how they grow from those sentimental immature pieces to  more brave and enchanting artworks. It is a joy to see such a growth, and I believe anyone can have this growth profile if they continue to do the things they are good at and love about.


Once you’re on your way to pursuit your dreams it won’t feel the same every single day as before. Your heart is more alive and your creative spirit is awake. Embrace your talent and go for it!

“Worker Bee”

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