Cozy Home Ideas–DIY Photo Display

One of the best ways to decorate your own cozy home style is to take out your photos and place them wherever you want to. It’s easy and classic, but how do you do it in a unique way? You need help from some inspiring ideas.
1. Doodles

Love doodles? You can combine doodle and photo frame together and make a doodle frame tree. (via)
2. DIY Photo Frame

Take out an old giant frame you have, carefully remove the glass and the back part. You’ll need to put some nails on both side of the frames that’s the place where you can put some twine. Then use cloth clip to display your photos…(Talia)
3. Fishing Pole Picture Frame
Hey I love this idea. It’s brilliant. I guess you can turn a real fishing pole into such, or for higher lever DIYers you can make it from scratch. For lazy DIYers you can purchase this at DabbledDetails .
4. Giant Photo Frame
This is awesome! It instantly raised up the taste of the owner. I’m sure the framing cost is not cheap. Instead of putting up such giant photo frame, you can stick you photos on card boards and place them on wall…(Via)
5. Stone Base Photo Display
This is cost effective method. Simple as you see it. (Via)
6. Inspiration from designer

This is a pendant lamp designed by Ingo Maurer. It’s not hard to achieve a DIY version of a designer’s project. If you can make your own chandelier and place some wires to hang your photos. Wow, such a romantic project.



  1. Jeanna Barciela says:

    how do I make the picture display ( 1st on this page) ? The beautiful branches & pictures.

  2. Hey I saw this picture of the tree (#1) and absolutely love it! I am doing it to my parents house and was wondering if there was a way you could email me the doodle without the frames on it? I’m trying to get it printed in huge vinyl so it’s easier to put on the wall, and need an exact picture of what I want for the vinyl shop. Just wondering if that’s possible! Thank you so much!

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