DIY Amazing Pink Rose From Egg Box

It’s beautiful when I first look at these pink roses, but it is made from egg box. Unbelievable creative!! Tutorial from Rosi Jo.
So you need one spare egg box, the one made of hard paper not plastic, some acrylic paint of your choice (this tutorial use fuchsia pink and white), glue and paint brush.
Cut out the raised part of the egg box that will be our flower, then trim it like petal. This part is the base later we’ll add more petal inside.
Keep shaping the petal both the inner part and out side as well.

Once you’re satisfied with the shape put them together. And they are ready to be colored.

You want your flower to look real so paint them in gradient color enhance the inner petal then lighter on the outside.

Once the paint is dry shape them together give some retouch of color if needed.

Add more petal to reach a fuller body.

Then you have your rose!

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