How to DIY Photo Frame Part I

You ever wonder how to make a unique photo frame? For gift or decoration? Why not try to design your own photo frame? DIY is not only about saving money, but also an attitude. The attitude to be unique and passion for life.
1. White Cotton Texture

2. Geometric Mosaic
This is a simple and easy way to make decorative frame effects. Use the rest of the mosaic decoration material, and in accordance with the arrangement of the color combination you like. Then glue them to the back board. Note that the Mosaic has certain weight, thus the back board can not be too thin.

3. The Nature of Branch

Arrange different length of branches and glue to the back board. You can prepare a bunch of branches and tie them together with rope then glue it to the board.

4. Sun Hemp Rope
Measure and cut a piece of round wood board (any size you like), then cut off a small round shape of the board. Tie and glue the hemp rope you prepared beforehand (same length). Then cover it with a back board.

5. The Visual Temptation of Pixel
Use any wasted T-shirt of your choice, better to choice those with patterns as it can enhance the visual effect. Cut them into long strips, tie or cross weave them to the paper board.

6. Paper Board Texture
Cut two squares from the paper board. Use knife to scrape the surface and stay out the rough texture. Then glue two pieces together then you can put your photo inside.

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