How to DIY Photo Frame Part II

Continue our topic of DIY photo frame, you can check out the first part here. This session is more creative and unique.

1. Simple Morocco
Shape the clay into strips and place them to the frame, before the clay dry out insert small things like buttons, seashells, ribbons, dry flowers, leaves etc. You can also color the clay once it dry out.

2. Lovely String Circle
Wrap the circle with strings then decorate with some studs. It’s very light and good to hang up.

3. Simple Wooden Texture
This approach is similar to ‘the natural of branches’. Cut the wood into different length and glue to the paper board.

4. Fresh Branches
This is the perfect way to preserve the trimmed branches.

5. The Fashion of Pushpins

6. Paper Cup Photo Frame
This is very fun to do. Horizontally cut the paper cup into several small circles. Then glue them back according to the size big to small. Better way to make the back bigger and the front smaller, that makes the frame more interesting.

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