Upcycled Project — Plants Marker From Spoon

You can tell I’m really into upcycled projects recently. You can do so much with the junk you plan to throw away.
Mark your plants with paper tags, wood tags, how about use your grandma’s silver spoon?

What a cute combination vintage saucer plant pot with spoon plants marker. Love this idea from Christina. If you don’t have spare silverware, and I think your local flea market should carry some, go and check them out.

She flat them with rubber mallet so the surface won’t be scratched.

And use letter stamping set to hammer your tag.
Then use your marker to fill in the letters.

Simple and easy you have your one of a kind plant marker now. Surly, it’s a great gift idea too.

Check out Christian’s more detailed tutorial.


  1. This is beautiful. I will definitely try this

  2. Thank you, Sahara.

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