Easy Little Owl Craft Tutorial

We have find a little DIY project for you today, and we’ll make the all time favorite owl crafts.
Yes, owl craft ladies.
Owls are fantastic creations. Do you know owls can’t move their eyes to a great extent in their eye socket? They must turn their entire head in order to see another direction. A common myth is people think owls can turn their heads 360 degrees, but actually they are able to move the head 135 degrees in either directions. I found the movement of their head is quite fascinating. Hope you like the little nature class, I found more facts of owl from 10 Awesome Facts About Owls. Ok, ok,  back to our project.

(Image via yipinpo)Material:

  • two pieces of fabric (one with some pattern, one tan color)
  • two buttons of your choice
  • some cotton filling
  • scissors, thread, needle

Step 1: trace out the shape from a printable pattern provide by moonstitches. Cut the two pieces and stitch them wrong sides together.
owl tutorial step 1
Step 2: Turn the inside out.
owl craft tutorial step 2
Step 3: Bend the triangle over. And stitch out the beak of the owl.
owl craft tutorail step 3
Step 4: Place the eyes and stuff some filling into the belly.
owl craft tutorial Step 4
Last step: Secure the base with stitches.
You can leave it like so or add a strap to hang on your bag or cell phone. It’s quite cute.
And hope you enjoy it. Here’s a one got a prey.
Owl Craft
(Image via jipin)


  1. Hi! Can you give more details on how you finished the bottoms?? I can’t get my little circles to sit properly!!

    I LOVE these little owls. I’m making a whole bunch to sit on the tables at my wedding :)

    Thanks for the tutorial!


  2. Hi Natalie,

    I’m sorry for the late reply. Congratulations on your wedding!
    Hope still in time to answer this…
    I’m not the original author of this project… but I guess I might know how…
    So you can make a round cardboard base cover it with fabric and hot glue it to the button, that may help it to stand stable.

    All the best!


  3. Rainbow AY says:

    It seems not very hard to sew an owl with cloth….anyway, I never sew any toy with cloth…..I always create toys & dolls with socks.

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