Mustache On a Stick

I’ve been seeing people making mustache tutorials, and it is such a fun to make our kids one mustache on a stick. Of course you can also play around it.  We provide some templates for you to download different shapes.

We will use felt today, however, you can also try other materials. Some fur will be a good option as they turns out very nature, or you may want to paint on a paper which is fine too.

Here’s the felt mustache from Tara:

Fur Mustache from Martha Steward:

The template is here:

1. You can use cardboard to trace the shape so it looks firm and easier to glue to the fur, felt or other materials.

2. Then glue the stick back to your mustache.

3. As for the holder, you can use wooden stick or wire depends on what you have. If you want to make it look nicer, it is good to paint the wooden stick into the same color of your mustache or wrap it with ribbon.

Enjoy and have fun :D


  1. Hairstyles for Jennifer says:

    Oh what fun..I am 45 and I loved your whole presentation, give us more. I remember back , way back when all the kinds of hairstyles that we all loved so much to us. The curls, oh the Farrah look was so hot. Thanks for great post

  2. Intriguing, how do I make use of this?

  3. All types of purpose, take funny photos with this ha ha~~
    Just make for fun. This would be a great kid craft project too~

  4. Margeret Hippert says:

    Thanks for sharing this pretty post.

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