DIY Shirt

Diy shirt is a good way to turn you old tees into this year’s hot hot style. Now get your big boring white tees or those you “saved” for years, let’s spice them up. :D Diy shirt is all about being unique and creative.

You’ll need a pair of scissor, and an old t-shirt. If you don’t have an old tee for reconstruction go get one in your local second-hand shop they cost you under $5. It’s an ideal place to get your material for diy shirt project.

Here are some ideas for the ripped tee style:

diy shirt white ripped t

In black:

diy shirt black ripped style

diy shirt white t

So what you do are very simple, fold your t-shirt in half, so that the crease is in the exact middle of the shirt. Then cut some slits from the top down to the bottom. But make sure you don’t cut too low, leave a certain inches at the end. Then after that you stretch these slits so they look like spaghetti ha ha~~ That’s it.

Diy bandage dress:

diy shirt - bangage dress


It all depends on how you want these lines be, it can be vertical too.

diy shirt gray tee

Here’s aceduchua‘s idea.

diy shirt

Another style. Seems easy to do? Give it a try.
Diy fringe shirt
(Image via Indulgy)
If you are not so fan of the ripped t shirt style, you may like our DIY ruffle shirt projects. Please find it at 15 DIY SHIRT TRANSFORMATIONS: RUFFLE SHIRT, SCARF AND MORE. Enjoy!


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