10 Creative Ways to Display Succulents

The simplest and effortless way to bring  brightness and life to a room is plants. Here we’re sharing some of the most creative ways to dress up your little succulents and to add little green energy to your house.

# 1. DIY Succulent Cork Magnet

Succulent in Corks  These are great diy project. Check out the tutorial by Hostess

#2. Tiny Succulents in Bottles
Pet Plants I bought one of these a few months ago, and they are such great gift idea. The only thing is that don’t forget to mention your recipient they are real and they need to be watered once in a while.

#3. The Hanging Succulent
Hanging Succulent A lovely lovely handmade succulent hanging display. Tutorial by sayyestohoboken.

#4. Succulent Ring
Succulent Ring

Yes, these cuties are wearable. No water needed. Made by WoodlandBelle. But I think if you really want to wear the real one it’s also doable, by adding some soil and a plastic cover to it.

#5.  Succulent Purse
Succulent Purse Succulents are so versatile and the design ideas are endless like this one above. Cute garden deco option. Image: ocregister.

#6. DIY Framed Succulent Garden
Hanging Succulent Garden What a beautiful living masterpiece. It is said this project is best suit with succulents rather than herbs, for the reason of easy maintenance and color.

#7. Succulent Eggshell

Succulent Eggshell  Great idea for Easter Deco. By  Camille Styles .
Succulent Eggshell
#8. Succulent Christmas Tree
Succulent Christmas Tree You can make nice centerpiece with these succulent. Design by jldesigns 

#9 Hanging Plants
Hanging Succulence  Hanging succulents or herb project designed by refinery29, image by apartmenttherapy

#10. Everyday Item Succulents
succulents in book  Use old book, cup, vantage bowls to display the succulents. Image by Mrs.Vintage.

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