13 Unexpected Ways to Upcycle Your Thrifty Shop Findings

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that’s so true when you look at the projects below. We’d train our eyes and mind to seek the possibilities of the “trash” in the thrift store, isn’t it? Our incredible crafters have come up 13 unique ways to upcycle your findings.

1.Button World

button world
(Image via OutoftheShadows)
Find a old world map ball? Glue them with buttons, what a great statement piece in your room. 

2. Silver Plate Serving Tray

Silver Plate Serving Tray (Image via DishfunctionalDesigns)
Looking for silver platers when you go to thrift stores, they are good wall decore, a bulletin board, or a chalk board reminder.

3. Handkerchief Curtain

Handkerchief Curtain (Image via amandawickcunningham)
I think I still kept some old handkerchiefs from my grandma, I might try this project. Here’s the tutorial for you.

4. Brooch Display

Brooch Display (Image via mamiejanes)
Isn’t it nice? This can be used as a pin holder as well. Tutorial by MamieJanes here.

5. Grater Earring Holder

Grater Earing Holder (Image via pinterest)
Great idea! Next time you find a old grater, paint it and hang your earrings there.

6. Vintage TeaCup Candle Holder

Vintage Teacups Candle Holder (Image via songbirdblog)
Still looking for a perfect candle holder? Make on from your vintage cups.

7. Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder (Image via Kathleen Daminger)
Never see anything like this. Old candy jar and a glass vase glue together turns into a bird feeder. Any bird lovers want to try it?

8. Suitcase Vanity Cabinet

Suitcase Vanity Cabinet (Image via craftingagreenworld)
Classic vintage. What do you think?

9. Thrifty Store Menswear Into Preppy Back-to-School Carryalls

Thrifty Store Menswear into Carryalls (Image via ecouterre)
We love repurposed projects.

10. Bike Wheel Clock

Bike Wheel Clock (Image via pixelthis)
Check out other possibilities from pixelthis, you’ll be amazed how many things can be turned into clocks. We like big and interesting clocks for room decor no?

11. Thrifty Store Project–Tote

Thrifty Store Project Tote (Image via PrettyStuff)
Jacket plus belt plus a tote pattern. Then you have it!

12. Headboard Hangers

Headboard Hanger (Image via sweetpickinsfurniture)
Sweet hangers from headboard.

13. Chandelier Table

Chandelier Table (Image via DIYShowOff)
Who said chandelier can only be hanged under the ceiling? I love this unique idea.



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