15 Astonishing DIY Light Fixtures

Speaking of light fixture it is absolutely essential for ambiance building. Here are some inspiring designs for DIYers. We also find everyday object is a good material for making home light fixture, 15 EVERYDAY OBJECT DIY LIGHT FIXTURES

A terrestrial globe light, isn’t it cool? (bowtiesandlittlelies)

DIY lacy light cover (babble)

For Mason Jar lovers this mason jar chandelier  is a must have. (IKEAhackers)

DIY paper light pendant. This is astonishing, but it costs you just a bunch of paper scraps check out the tutorial here.

For more countryside style this is a good fit. (thehandmadehome)

Bubble Chandelier (tutorial mintlovesocialclub)

This is made of waste basket and floral fabric, it turns out real dizzy. (poppytalk)

Very much like a small birdcage, and it brings a vintage feeling. (heartsdesire)

More DIY light tutorials: ; Wire orb by Orlando Soria;Paper cup light shade by Cut Out and Keep; Lace lamp by Dos Family;Yarn pendant light at Made By Girl

Antique key plate pendant, aged effect (napastyle)

Antique Minnow Bucket Hanging light (Granolagear )

Trouble caged light. (jappefort)

Cocktail Umbrella Pendant light (Zipper8Lighting )

Plastic Bag Pendant Light (Zipper8Lighting)

Take out box light shade (ideaka)

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