Wedding Hair Accessories-Simple DIY

Wedding hair accessories are essential for your big day hair style. You have an option to buy a expensive hair accessory decorates with Swarovski Crystal all over, or simply make your own. MaryJanes and Galoshes shared her DIY project: Feather Facinator.

Now let’s start with the preparation:

Small scrap of felt, clean glue, alligator clip and feather.

Step 1: Cut a oval from the tulle layer then gather it up.

Step 2: Cut an oval of the felt about the same length of the alligator clip.

Step 3: Sew your tulle layer on half of the felt. Then put some glue to lay your feather. (you can glue extra ‘blingbling’ things of your choice)

Final: Once you’ve done the decoration, glue the top part to the clip.

What is your inspiration, leave the comments below.


  1. Alfonzo Daliva says:

    Thanks for sharing this pretty post.

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