Make Your Own Wedding Candy Box

Simple 8 steps to make your own wedding candy box. A great way to save budget but being unique.

Here’s the final work.

You will need these materials: Candy, ribbon, paper roll (it’s easy to make also, just roll up the cardboard), white card, wrapping paper, scissor and tap.

Now let’s get started:
1. Place the tap on one side of the wrapping paper

2. Roll the paper roll into the wrapping paper

3. Tap the other side of the wrapping paper so it can close up

4. Twist one side of the cone to close up

5. Wrap it with pretty ribbon

6. Put the candy of your choice inside the paper cone

7. Take out the white card, fold into two and cut, then write something on it.

8. Finally, glue it on to the paper cone we just made.
Voilà, you have your DIY wedding candy now =D

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