Handmade Chiffon and Tulle Flower–DIY Bridal Accessory

This project is good for wedding hair accessory, bracelet, corsage or even home decor.


Tull and chiffon fabric, pen, paper, scissor, pin, glass beads, thread and needle.


1. Draw one flower pedal and cut out. The retrace it on the paper to form a flower. By doing so you can achieve a even shape.

2. Fold your fabric and place the pattern on top. Then carefully cut out. You can repeat this several times until a desired shape. The example shown above has 26 layers.

3. Stitch in the center and secure it to give the flower a volume and authentic shape.

4. Sew the glass beads into the center of the flower.

5. Extra steps depends on the purpose of this project. You can sew it on a hair clip, on a silk ribbon or corsage etc.

Voila! You have your very own chiffon flower.


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