Top 9 Small Space Big Style—–How to Live Small

Living in a high density economic center is always a challenge, often time people can’t afford the high condo price. But if you can’t sacrifice the convenient location downtown living experience try to squeeze into a small shoe box apartment like these people do.

1. 78 Sq Ft Manhattan Apartment

3. Tiny Home 89 Sq Ft

4. Origami Apartment

5. Lego-Style Apartment

6. Tiny Apartment 24 Rooms

This living small idea can also apply to houses. These creative souls decided to live a mortgage free life and size down their belongings into small cubes. At last, it’s more important the life than the house we’re living in. Most people are paying more than they can afford, but it’s personal choice to live a simple life.

7. 10 x 10 x 10 Cube House

8. 320 sq ft

9. Shipping Container Home

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