Adorable Winter Hat Ornament

Hey, looking for some ornaments on your Christmas tree? I find this adorable winter hat project for you. As always it’s simple yet super cute! Thanks to Kate from Otillie’s Closet for this project.
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Twined Bottle Decor

This is an easy project and suits almost all the room. It adds elegance and personality to your room too.
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Christmas, Christmas… can’t wait for Christmas to come. I just have this warm and cozy feel when I think upon this holiday. Have you got your Christmas tree yet? I mean the kind that is made from paper. If not, I’ve collected some of the best DIY paper Christmas trees projects for your review. Here we go!

1. Paper Craft Christmas Tree

Paper Christmas Tree 1 via a.muse studio
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diy floral printed pants

The weather is kind getting cold now, but it can’t stop us to try on this DIY Floral Print Pants. Thanks to Mary from EndlessBeauty for this absolute amazing idea.
This is the final look:
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You have a Message–DIY Clothespin Craft

I know you probably receive 200+ text message, or emails everyday (that’s crazy lot!) It doesn’t hurt to have just another one right? Well, this one is more unique and interesting and you’ll remember more than that 200+ messages you’ve read… here it is:

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Toilet Roll Advent Calendar

Ho ho ho~~~~
I can’t believe it, it’s almost the end of the year now. Do you have a wonderful year? Explored somewhere new? Meet new people? Learnt a new thing? If your answer is none of these don’t be worry. You still have chance! Now be serious to make an Advent Calendar for yourself (or Him or Her). Thanks to Erlend from Morning Creativity for this project.

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DIY Doll Collar Tank Top Tutorial

Summer is almost over here, and I hope in your area it’s still nice and warm. Today we have this cute summer doll collar tank top project to share with you.
Here’s how it looks like: doll collar tank top
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