Lip Stamp – Makeup Business Card

It is a great idea to leave an impression for your clients and the potential ones, of course. This lip stamp works on any surfaces and saves your business card cost perhaps.


Handmade Cute Hairband

How about make your own hairband? Being crafty a bit? Oh, I didn’t say it must be a hairband, you can use them in other places too. Like so:

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Roly Dot Bowl

If you recall last post about the slim cup, this time it’s about another commonly used chinaware. Well, it is made from wool. These cute wool bowls will be perfect to organize your jewelries and small items.

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Slim Cup

Nowadays we struggle to look fit and slim so does the cup. This is designed by Sharona Merlin.

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Pop Stick Crafts

Collect your pop sticks to make a little house.

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It shocked me when I was arranging my stuff the other day, piles of piles unless things lying there. We always think these things can be used sometime in our life. However, the truth is they might be there forever and not to be reused again. Keeping stuff could be a bad habit in my opinion. It is distraction, not space use wise and reduce the efficiency.

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Vintage Wedding Theme

For so long I haven’t blogged about the wedding themes, isn’t it a nice weather to get married? Summer here is always bright and amazing, like our young energetic hearts~


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