DIY Leather Heart Coin Purse

Can you make a coin purse under 5 minutes? The answer is Yes, definitely… This project is from Mandy at Fabric Paper Glue.   diy coin purse
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DIY Rubber Stamp Project

This is an absolute fun project to do, and it can be used on gift wrap, T-shirt, napkins, wall art and almost everything in your home. Try this:

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DIY Simple Summer Bag Tutorial

Simple summer bag tutorial by Bev.
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Cushion Lover’s Choices

We are always looking to beautify our home with little touches here and there…Since it’s not easy just change our furnitures, and most likely the cushions are the best object to switch around for a fresh new look. The following are some of our favourite for this time of the year.

1. Biscuit Shaped Cushion BuscuitCushion Find them here.

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DIY Strawberry Pincushion

This is the cutest pincushion I’ve ever find. And we’re lucky to have instructions here from Jodi.

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DIY Collar For Feet–Spats

Fancy lace collar is quite trendy now, but how about something for the feet?

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Can You Make New Use On Old Things Like These?

These tricks can make your life easier and happier :D

No.1 Use Hair Dryer As Sticker Remover

hair dryer sticker remover No more struggling to peel it off with your nails.

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