DIY Collar For Feet–Spats

Fancy lace collar is quite trendy now, but how about something for the feet?

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Can You Make New Use On Old Things Like These?

These tricks can make your life easier and happier :D

No.1 Use Hair Dryer As Sticker Remover

hair dryer sticker remover No more struggling to peel it off with your nails.

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Homemade Candle Holder For $0

I love projects like this it costs you nothing, I mean all the materials you need already sit in your home. It’s simple, it’s stylish and it’s homemade!

diy candle holder from paper (Image via How About Orange)
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How To A Make Green Cleaner

Studies have shown, there are at least 880 variations of chemical compounds in our daily life, that can be categorized as potential carcinogenic. From the household cleaning products, to facial products, even in some processed food. Therefore, it’s important that we must try every way to live an organic/natural oriented life style, as to reduce the harmful chemical intake.
So, today we’ll going to make a green cleaner for household use. (say good by to harsh chemical cleaners!)

diy green cleaner
(Image via The Fountain Ave Kitchen)
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Top 3 DIY Maxi Skirts

I can’t wait for the summer to come. I’m sure it won’t tarry long, and we can make some skirts while waiting right?
Many of us love maxi skirt, it can be elegant or casual, yet very very feminine. Here we’ve found some projects for different style of maxi skirt.

1. Lorenna’s Version

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Fairies In A Jar In 2 Minites

Fairies In a Jar (Image via arnoldandbird)
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DIY File Cabinet Makeover

Your file cabinet doesn’t have to be that boring. Try put some wall paper and give it a new look.
DIY FILE CABINET MAKEOVER (Image via Design Sponge)
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