DIY Scarf With Fabric Marker

Add some fun to your scarf is easier than you think.
Diy Scarf With Fabric Marker
(Image via scarves)
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DIY Clementine Candle

A homemade party candle with all natural ingredients. You definitely have to try this.

homemade clementine candle
(Image via Apartment Therapy)
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Homemade Craft Beautiful Crepe Paper Jelly Fish

Jelly fish is so gorgeous and pretty, I could staring at them in the aquarium for a long long time. Their movement is slow and with rhythm and they help you to be calm and relaxe. Thanks to Carolyn of this tutorial, now we can do it and hang it and see it everyday from home =D

Paper Craft Jelly Fish (Image via home work)

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7 Tips to Transform Your Room without Painting

It is commonly know the easiest way to transform your room is by a paint. Yes, all of your furniture will look like new in a painted room. Is anybody like me never ever paint a room before and do not want to make a damage in your newly built home or rented place? Today I have this challenge for you. I did my research actually there’s quite a lot ways to transform your room without painting.

1. Polka Dots Wall Sticker

Polka Dot Room (Image via mommo design)
How cute is that, you can use bigger circles or different color or mix and match them on the wall. [Read more...]

Shoes Makeover With Designer Fabric

Have a tight budget for a new pair of shoes? There’s hope in everything. If you can glue and cover fabric over boxes to make DIY storage, so can you do the same with your old black high heels.

Shoes Makeover With Fabric
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37 Tips Of Beautifully Organized Home

I’m really inspired by various DIY home storage ideas among awesome crafters. Here’s a list of my favorite techniques, tips and tutorials. Feel free to check them out and try to do your own version. Some of them are quite easy to achieve, but others need a bit sweat. Let’s begin:

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Easy Little Owl Craft Tutorial

We have find a little DIY project for you today, and we’ll make the all time favorite owl crafts.
Yes, owl craft ladies.
Owls are fantastic creations. Do you know owls can’t move their eyes to a great extent in their eye socket? They must turn their entire head in order to see another direction. A common myth is people think owls can turn their heads 360 degrees, but actually they are able to move the head 135 degrees in either directions. I found the movement of their head is quite fascinating. Hope you like the little nature class, I found more facts of owl from 10 Awesome Facts About Owls. Ok, ok,  back to our project.

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