Brush Art Display

This art piece is called ” I still use brushes” by Arman (American, born France 1928-2005)
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Nature Inspired Illustraions

I really love these pieces done by papermoth. The color and texture are full of expression kinda gives illusion while you’re gazing his art.
Easily Broken
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Floral Doodle Part II

This doodle is about half flower half tree illustration. Also it’s my second trying on the Faber-Castell fine liners and shades of gray. Really love the effect. Again black & white simple but classic, next time I can try to color them see how it goes.

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Floral Doodle Part I

I’ve been trying new art styles recently, and fall in love with this simple black and white classic doodles. Just simple experiment on the Faber-Castell 4 pitt artist pens black fineliners they are really amazing… Here’s how it turned out.

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Cori Dantini and Her Illustrations

Cori Dantini a full time illustrator, a full time mom and a full wife that’s how she describe herself. I see her as a blessed person who can truly live in her dreams. I love the way she use the color and the girls she draw in her illustrations.
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Rob Ryan’s Art World

Robert Ryan is an amazing paper cut artist, but being an artist he doesn’t stop there,  in his shop located in London you’ll find more delight handmade goods.
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It’s All About That Moon—26 Moon Illusions

I got this set of photos in the email from a friend. I’m so amazed and can’t wait to share it with you. But, not sure who’s work is this.

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