DIY Old Suitcase Pet Bed

Your pet will love to sleep on the bed you handmade for them. I remember our relative has a lab retriever, his name is Ben by the way, when he’s small he’ll chew everything and play with his bed. Then in that case you’ll shop often for a pet bed. But, the project I’m showing you below won’t cost as much as you spend in the pet store.

Old Suitcase Pet Bed (Image via Mox and Fodder)
This project cost you under $10, and it’s very unique. All you need is an old suitcase (get from thrift store), pillow, pillow sham and some tools. [Read more...]

iCloud Lantern DIY

Try to make one of these cloud lanterns in your room, it just adds so much ambiance.

Here’s the Instruction for the project. [Read more...]

Toilegami–The Art of Origami Toilet Paper

Origami Toilet Paper  Arts

Origami Toilet paper isn't that far away from our life, you might have seen some simple ones in a hotel room. I would be surprised if I found one in a friend's house. He/she must be a very passionate people who can discover all kinds of sweet little things in life. If you interest we can try to do it by ourselves. It's not that hard.

Well, once you demonstrate your little project in washroom,  you probably don't want to waste such nice "art pieces", remember to get another roll put aside ha ha… But I don't know, if you really in a hurry to washroom, you simply just grab anything handy :P



Toilet Paper Origami

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