We all love potato stamps… it’s homemade, it’s cheap, it’s edible! (well, if you really decide to eat it make sure cut the inked part off )
Today’s project is by mormorsglamour from SkonaHem. She made this gorgeous beauty.
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DIY– 8 Wood Pallet Designs In Home Decor

Wood pallet inspiration in Home Decor, they save  you tons of money.

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DIY SunBurst Mirror

When I was searching some nice and easy home decor ideas, I come across this brilliant post by Leanneja from Organize and Decorate Everything.

She made this astonishing sunburst mirror under $10.

Here’s the final look:

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Hearts Flow in the Melody– DIY Wall Decor

If you are headache about what to do to your plain wall, Secret Pie Shoppe has a brilliant idea you may like.

This project is extreme low cost, all you need are some music sheet (you can print out from the internet), scissors, glue and a happy heart :p!

See the final effect:

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