15 Everyday Object DIY Light Fixtures

As most of you have enjoyed reading our previous post on 15 Astonishing DIY Light Fixtures, we thought to bring you a version II. We discovered the fact that one can use almost any material to make a light fixture. Believe or not, the next few light fixture projects are done with everyday objects. Perhaps you should make one for yourself too?

1. Parasol Light

parasol light (Image via zedomax)
Attach the parasol into your existed lighting. What a beautiful result! [Read more...]

15 Astonishing DIY Light Fixtures

Speaking of light fixture it is absolutely essential for ambiance building. Here are some inspiring designs for DIYers. We also find everyday object is a good material for making home light fixture, 15 EVERYDAY OBJECT DIY LIGHT FIXTURES

A terrestrial globe light, isn’t it cool? (bowtiesandlittlelies) [Read more...]