Five Creative Rope Projects For Home

Ropes are created more than 3,500 years ago… And this old creation is still playing a big role of our society…in marine, military and industries. Today’s challenge is, how to turn these boring looking ropes into amazing home decor objects. Are you ready? Let’s explore it:

1. Stylish Rope Mirror

rope mirror (Project by Jordan from the happy homebodies)
Spice up your room with rope mirror.

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DIY Folding Chair Makeover

Yeah!!! Weekend is here… make sure you have some good rest from the stress of the week, and if you have little more time feel free to try this cute folding chair makeover project (by Jenn from my fabulous life).
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Cushion Lover’s Choices

We are always looking to beautify our home with little touches here and there…Since it’s not easy just change our furnitures, and most likely the cushions are the best object to switch around for a fresh new look. The following are some of our favourite for this time of the year.

1. Biscuit Shaped Cushion BuscuitCushion Find them here.

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DIY Clementine Candle

A homemade party candle with all natural ingredients. You definitely have to try this.

homemade clementine candle
(Image via Apartment Therapy)
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7 Tips to Transform Your Room without Painting

It is commonly know the easiest way to transform your room is by a paint. Yes, all of your furniture will look like new in a painted room. Is anybody like me never ever paint a room before and do not want to make a damage in your newly built home or rented place? Today I have this challenge for you. I did my research actually there’s quite a lot ways to transform your room without painting.

1. Polka Dots Wall Sticker

Polka Dot Room (Image via mommo design)
How cute is that, you can use bigger circles or different color or mix and match them on the wall. [Read more...]

13 Unexpected Ways to Upcycle Your Thrifty Shop Findings

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that’s so true when you look at the projects below. We’d train our eyes and mind to seek the possibilities of the “trash” in the thrift store, isn’t it? Our incredible crafters have come up 13 unique ways to upcycle your findings.

1.Button World

button world
(Image via OutoftheShadows)
Find a old world map ball? Glue them with buttons, what a great statement piece in your room.  [Read more...]

Design–Space Saving Furniture

Not everyone has a very spacious home, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make your small condo in style. Good thing about living in a small space is that it force you to be creative and super organized to use every space you have. Here we have some unique space saving furniture to turn your little apartment into designer level.

Old Cable Spool to Coffee Table/bookcase (Via)
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