Hearts Did Fly

I did this collage art journal last week, it’s a kind of Valentine’s theme.

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There’s No Limit – Mixed Media Art Journal

It’s true there’s no limit on what one can do, if you just believe… My new art journal:

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Art Journal—Enlarge Your Heart

A heart needs to enlarge so it can continually grow to feel more love, to give more love to others.

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Cori Dantini and Her Illustrations

Cori Dantini a full time illustrator, a full time mom and a full wife that’s how she describe herself. I see her as a blessed person who can truly live in her dreams. I love the way she use the color and the girls she draw in her illustrations.
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Mixed Media Project – Flower

This weekend I’ve tried something fun something I was wanting to try. This mixed media project is made from collage and painting use different materials. I have no formal training in any art course just bear with me if it seems not professional.

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