Cozy Home Ideas–DIY Photo Display

One of the best ways to decorate your own cozy home style is to take out your photos and place them wherever you want to. It’s easy and classic, but how do you do it in a unique way? You need help from some inspiring ideas.
1. Doodles

Love doodles? You can combine doodle and photo frame together and make a doodle frame tree. (via) [Read more...]

How to DIY Photo Frame Part II

Continue our topic of DIY photo frame, you can check out the first part here. This session is more creative and unique.

1. Simple Morocco
Shape the clay into strips and place them to the frame, before the clay dry out insert small things like buttons, seashells, ribbons, dry flowers, leaves etc. You can also color the clay once it dry out.

[Read more...]

How to DIY Photo Frame Part I

You ever wonder how to make a unique photo frame? For gift or decoration? Why not try to design your own photo frame? DIY is not only about saving money, but also an attitude. The attitude to be unique and passion for life. [Read more...]